Atlas codes

Code Description

Non breeding
0 Species observed but suspected to be still on migration or to be summering non-breeder.

A. Possible breeding
1 Species observed in breeding season in possible nesting habitat
2 Singing male(s) present (or breeding calls heard) in breeding season

B. Probable breeding
3 Pair observed in suitable nesting habitat in breeding season
4 Permanent territory presumed through registration of territorial behaviour (song, etc.) on at least two different days a week or more apart at the same place
5 Courtship and display
6 Visiting probable nest site
7 Agitated behaviour or anxiety calls from adults
8 Brood patch on adult examined in the hand
9 Nest building or excavating nest-hole

C. Confirmed breeding
10 Distraction-display or injury-feigning
11 Used nest or eggshells found (occupied or laid within period of survey)
12 Recently fledged young (nidicolous species) or downy young (nidifugous species)
13 Adults entering or leaving nest-site in circumstances indicating occupied nest (including high nests or nest-holes, the contents of which can not be seen) or adult seen incubating
14 Adult carrying faecal sac or food for young
15 Nest containing eggs
16 Nest with young seen or heard