Support EBBA2

support ebba2 verena

The project of a New European Breeding Bird Atlas is an ambitious and challenging task. Many thousands of volunteers collect data in more than 5000 squares in over 50 countries. But the project also needs financial resources

  • for overall coordination,
  • to support data collection in countries where both human and financial resources are scarce,
  • to put the data together at the European level,
  • to analyse the data and prepare the maps,
  • to publish the results in a book and on the web.

This is why your financial contribution is vital to make EBBA2 happen!

You can now support a particular bird species through our species sponsorship, or just make a donation as a general atlas sponsor. In the latter case please contact the EBBA2 communication and network officer, Marina Kipson for detailed info at:

Thank you for taking a moment to make a contribution that will help spur the work on the second European Breeding Bird Atlas.