Second pilot data provision for the EBBA2 has started!

Larus ridibundus mali

One of the five species from the first data provision, Black-headed gull (photo by Niklaus Zbinden)

After a nice experience of the first data provision (see, we have just started the second pilot data provision for the EBBA2.

The three main aims of this data provision are:

1) to define the data flow process for standardised data,

2) to generate the first provisional 10×10 km modelled maps, and

3) to determine gaps of information. On this occasion we collect standardised data gathered for the period 2013-2015.

The request was sent on 24 June 2015 and just one day later our Swedish colleagues provided their fantastic dataset. Thanks a lot to Åke Lindström and to all participants at the highly inspiring Swedish Fixed Routes!! Good start indeed!

Sweden standard surveys

Sweden standard surveys

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