Joint workshop of Euronatur and EBCC on data management


Participants of the joint workshop of Euronatur and EBCC in Radolfzell (photo by Tibor Mikuška)

Euronatur, a German-based NGO has for a long time been active in the Western Balkans. Following up on earlier projects, the current Adriatic Flyway 3 project aims at better protecting important wetland sites in particular from hunting and poaching. The project, funded by the MAVA foundation, collaborates with regional partners in Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia & Hercegovina and Croatia.


Verena Keller, main coordinator of EBBA2, giving a lecture at the workshop (photo by Stefan Ferger)


Most of these partner organisations are also involved in the European Breeding Bird Atlas project EBBA2. With the help of a MAVA grant for the fieldwork period of EBBA2 data collection is progressing well in all western Balkan countries. Data handling and storing has become an important issue for both MAVA-funded projects. The project managers of the Adriatic Flyway project, Stefan Ferger, and of EBBA2, Verena Keller, therefore decided to organise a joint workshop for Euronatur partners and EBBA2 coordinators.


Martí Franch, from EBBA2 coordination team, speaking about database management at the workshop (photo by Stefan Ferger)


On 9 and 10 February 2016, 17 participants from all western Balkan countries met at the seat of Euronatur in Radolfzell and discussed technical issues around data management and the use of databases. Martí Franch and Marc Anton from the EBBA2 coordination focused on the data requirements within EBBA2 and showed the best ways of transferring data to the European coordinators. The free time between the sessions was intensively used to exchange experiences and coordinate work across national borders. We would like to thank to all the participants of the workshop for their contributions and fruitful discussions.


23.3.2016 Verena Keller