EBBA2 Species Sponsorship – three, two, one, launch!


You can now sponsor your favourite species for the second European Breeding Bird Atlas!

The new European Breeding Bird Atlas is one of the most ambitious biodiversity mapping projects ever attempted. It will bring a valuable insight into how have many environmental changes over the last 30 years impacted populations of birds across Europe. For effective conservation and informed decision making, we need the most up-to-date information on these impacts.

We now have a unique opportunity to gather and analyse data even from the most remote parts of Europe and provide a robust baseline for future monitoring across the whole continent.

In order to succeed in our ambitious goal, we need your help.

By deciding to support one or more species you are directly contributing to every aspect of EBBA2. It will enable its successful completion – from supporting data collection in countries with little financial sources, through analysing one of the largest ever collected dataset, up to publishing a new European Bird Atlas book in 2020.

It was never simpler to support our work, so do not hesitate – simply choose a species and donate!