Join EBBA2 fieldwork – help us fill the gaps!

Help us fill the gaps in EBBA2 - join our challenge!

Help us fill the gaps in EBBA2 – join our challenge!

If you would like to help us collect data from priority areas in Europe, and have fun along the way, why not joining our new challenge – “Filling EBBA2 gaps” !


EBBA2 is entering into its final data collection season, however many countries in eastern and south-eastern parts of Europe have the biggest difficulties to find enough local fieldworkers and foreign birdwatchers are particularly welcome there.


We now have a unique opportunity to gather and analyse data even from the most remote parts of Europe and provide a robust baseline for future monitoring across the whole continent.


In order to succeed in our ambitious goal, we need your help.


Therefore, if you are planning your trip in some of the countries that need a helping hand, check the priority areas for mapping, collected data there following the atlas methodology and you can enter into our prize competition for Meopta binoculars (Meostar and Meopro)!Meopta2011black

We look forward to your participation in our challenge!