Filling EBBA2 Gaps – midway through our challenge

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Half way through our challenge “Filling EBBA2 Gaps”, we have received 20 applications willing to go mapping to as much as 11 different countries that need help in data collection!


The leading country with the highest number of applicants is the UK, followed closely by Switzerland and the Netherlands, whereas the most popular destination for mapping is Spain, followed by Georgia and Greece.


There are still a lot of places that need help in mapping, and there is still time to help them in the final data collection season. If you wish to contribute to EBBA2, discover new places and methodologies used in national breeding bird mapping, with the potential to win one of three Meopta binoculars, do not hesitate and apply to our challenge!


We will be looking forward to your contribution!


Marina Kipson, 24.5.2017