The new issue of Bird Census News is out

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The new issue of Bird Census News is out. Do not miss out to check the newest articles!

Bird Census News is the Journal of the European Bird Census Council (EBCC). It was first published in 1987. It gradually evolved from a typewritten photocopied leaflet to the present form. Rob Bijlsma (The Netherlands) has been editor from 1987-1992, Anny Anselin (Belgium) is editor since 1993.
The publication of the Journal has been possible by the financial support of SOVON, Beek-Ubbergen (1987-1992) and the Research Institute for Nature and Forest, Brussels (1993-).

In this issue: By now, most observers will probably have the main part of their fieldwork behind them. Together with the yearly counts for the Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme, “Filling the Gaps” for the new European Breeding Bird Atlas, was an important challenge for the breeding season 2017. And yes, gaps have been filled in many parts of Europe. Enthusiastic volunteer birders from abroad formed team and joined forces with local ornithologists, others visited “blank areas” during private trips. In this way additional squares could be visited in less covered areas of e.g. Moldova, Albania, Russia, Greece, Ukraine, Macedonia, and even in Kazakhstan, providing most valuable data to the EBBA2 project!

In this first issue of 2017 we start with an article by Jean-Yves Paquet and co-authors about a case study in Wallonia (Belgium) on how bird recording web portals can deliver. We are very interested to receive more of this kind of analyses, which could be published in a separate “EuroBirdPortal” section. In the European Atlas News section, Sergi Herrando and co-authors of the EBBA2 coordination team give a review of their recent activities on producing maps, modelling and the planning of further European Atlas work. Dilek Eylül Dizdaroğlu and Kerem Ali Boyla present the first results of the Turkish national breeding bird atlas, a project that started in 2014 and is planned to be finalized in 2018. As they rightly put in the title, this is indeed “A Big Challenge in a Big Country”! João Rabaça and co-authors provide us with a synopsis of the innovative Portuguese Atlas of Winter and Migratory Birds, to be published near the end of this year. In the European Monitoring section we go to Cyprus to learn more about the ten year running of the Cyprus Common Bird Monitoring Scheme, presented by Marin Hellicar and Christina Ieronymidou. In the Books and Journals section we briefly comment on two publications: the Proceedings of the latest EBCC Conference in Halle and a new BirdLife report. Finally, there is the News section with two items: the EBBA2 Species Sponsorship campaign and an interesting Job Announcement : coordinator of the Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme!

Enjoy this volume!
Anny Anselin
Editor Bird Census News