Species sponsorship first milestone achieved – thank you!

EBBA2 Species Sponsorship in action!


Within the species sponsorship campaign we have achieved a first bigger milestone – the overall amount of gifts reached slightly over 20,000 euros!

The list of all species sponsors that wished to be acknowledged publicly is available here.


We now have in total 105 species with at least one sponsor, out of which 13 species have been sponsored twice and as much as 3 species gained attention of three different sponsors. In total, 87 people donated their gift publicly, and 5 supporters chose to stay anonymous.


We are happy to have received such an immense support since the beginning of the campaign, and will work hard to achieve our ambitious goals in delivering EBBA2 outputs by 2020. The donations will now primarily ensure a continuous flow of the project into next year and the beginning of the final phase of the project – data analysis and preparation of the results.


Towards the end of this year we are facing a big challenge – the final data collection will take place. National coordinators are required to submit all the data that was collected through the hard work of many volunteers and will now finally be submitted to EBBA2 coordination team. This will be a demanding task for national coordinators and we have already developed tools aimed at helping them in easier data transfer and data quality checks.


We will keep you posted about our progress, and if you already have not done so, simply choose your favourite species and donate!


1.10.2017, Marina Kipson