The new issue of Bird Census News is out

The new issue of Bird Census News is out!

The new issue of Bird Census News is out!

The new issue of Bird Census News is out. Do not miss out to check the newest articles!


With all the important monitoring, atlassing, data compiling and analysing activities at full gear, one would barely notice that 2017 was in fact a special year for the EBCC. It was our Association’s 25th birthday! In 1992 the first EBCC conference held in Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands marked the end of the two former separate census (IBCC) and atlas (EOAC) committees. They merged to form the EBCC, the European Bird Census Council, an association with an Executive Committee and statutes. For practical reasons, the Board decided to postpone the celebration of this birthday until the next EBCC conference which will be held in spring 2019 in Evora, Portugal. We expect a high attendance!
With the projects coordinated by the EBCC, in particular the new European Breeding Bird Atlas EBBA2, the EuroBirdPortal EBP and the Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme PECBMS, decisions have to be made about the future species order and the nomenclature used, and an avian taxonomic system that is both standardized and globally accepted. In the first article of this issue, Ruud Foppen and Hans-Günther Bauer for the EBCC Board shortly outline the rationale behind the Board’s decision on this mater. We strongly recommend the reading of this text and you can also find more detailed information at the EBCC website.
The presence of non-naive parrot species is becoming increasingly obvious in many countries around the world. Esra Perr presents here a first report and preliminary observations on escaped parrot species in Turkey, collected through a citizen science project.
In the European Atlas News section, Dawn Balmer and Justin Walker explain how they fill the data gaps in Ireland and Britain in order to provide complete information to EBBA2.
Marina Kipson presents a summary of the final workshop of the MAVA project, which took place in Croatia at the end of 2017. The financial support by the MAVA foundation during three years proved very important for EBBA2 implementation by providing the possibility for improving coordination at national level, mainly in South-Eastern and Eastern European countries.
In the European Monitoring News section Glenn Vermeersch and co-authors present the results of the common birds monitoring in Flanders (Belgium) running since 2007.
In the next section, Gabriel Gargallo, coordinator of the European Bird Portal informs us about the release of a new improved version of its online viewer at the end of this year, and describes the improvements and functionalities.
Finally, the last contribution to this volume brings the sad news of Igor Gorban’s death last September. Without exaggerating, Igor could be called a “living legend” of Ukrainian ornithology. Andriy Bokotey and Yuriy Strus, his friends and colleagues in monitoring and atlas projects, wrote his in memoriam. Igor was also acive within EBCC as a delegate for his country and during both atlas data collecting periods.

Enjoy this issue!

Anny Anselin
Editor Bird Census News


Bird Census News is the Journal of the European Bird Census Council (EBCC). It was first published in 1987. It gradually evolved from a typewritten photocopied leaflet to the present form. Rob Bijlsma (The Netherlands) has been editor from 1987-1992, Anny Anselin (Belgium) is editor since 1993.
The publication of the Journal has been possible by the financial support of SOVON, Beek-Ubbergen (1987-1992) and the Research Institute for Nature and Forest, Brussels (1993-).