Swiss Breeding Bird Atlas 2013–2016

Title page of the Swiss Breeding Bird Atlas 2013–2016, published in November, 2018.

During four years, more than 2000 volunteers were out in the field documenting the bird populations of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Their effort has resulted in a unique overview of the distribution and current state of birds breeding in this area.

An excellent example of atlas work has been published in Switzerland in November, 2018.

What you find inside:

  • 249 species or subspecies accounts
  • 345 photos
  • 648 pages
  • 1074 atlas maps
  • 46 focus topics
  • 341 charts
  • 3,7 kilos of in-depth ornithological knowledge

These fantastic outputs were reached thanks to tremendous support:

  • more than 2000 volunteer collaborator
  • 46 438 kilometres covered during the territory mapping surveys
  • 70 authors
  • 1487 donors
  • 3 169 421 bird observations

Species account of the Common Redstart in the Swiss Breeding Bird Atlas 2013–2016.

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