EBBA2 progress news

Work on EBBA2 has made huge steps forward. EBCC has signed the agreement with Lynx Edicions. We are very happy to join forces with this experienced and dedicated publisher because publishing a 1000 page book with such a varied content is not an easy task.

National coordinators are familiar with the tool (still called “national atlas tool”) but new features have been introduced for data checking, final map production and preparation of texts. Through the Species information tool authors of species accounts have access to the maps and guidelines. A team of 18 Account editors from the EBCC board and the atlas steering committee coordinates the writing and editing of species accounts by around 300 authors. Management of so many people is facilitated by the User administration tool. Up to 31 August the main editor, Verena Keller, has received 385 of the 554 texts for full species accounts (the rest of the species is treated in an Annex).

In parallel to text writing the coordination team has been working on the last checks of the data in close contact with national coordinators, taking into account feedback from authors of species texts.

Verena Keller and Sergi Herrando, 9.9.2019