News from the European Breeding Bird Atlas

Ten years ago the EBCC Board agreed to publish the second European Breeding Bird Atlas by the end of 2020. Everything suggests that this deadline will be achieved. All materials were delivered to the Lynx Edicions, proofs are expected during forthcoming summer months. The title page has been finalised, and promotion will start soon via the web pages of the publisher.

The Ortolan bunting for the EBBA2 cover was painted by Szábolcs Kókay

The coordination team has been busy with communication issues and preparation of the final launch of the book. Due to the uncertainties arising from the Covid-19 pandemic we plan the book to be launched at a vernissage with a small number of participants. However, on-line streaming and participation is anticipated. A bigger celebration of the end of the project, including the on-line version, is postponed to the EBCC conference in Spring 2022.

In the meantime, we will provide information material to the national atlas coordinators to help them to promote the book in their countries. The coordination team and Lynx Edicions will do their best to promote the book, but it is essential that the book is promoted also by the national coordinators and EBCC national delegates. Species sponsorship scheme is still open. Last minute donations will help us to make the retail price lower and therefore the book accessible also in economically less wealthy countries.

Please note: Acknowledgements of Super Sponsors (minimum 5000 Euro) in the book will be possible only until the end of August 2020.