Pre-publication offer of the European Breeding Bird Atlas

We are pleased to announce that the European Breeding Bird Atlas 2, the biggest citizen science biodiversity mapping project in Europe, is getting to its final phase. The outputs of the project represent the results of the effort of 120,000 fieldworkers and 48 national partners. The five years of  fieldwork covered 5,110 50-km squares (11,075,000 km2, i. e. 7% of emerged land on Earth).

The book European Breeding Bird Atlas 2: Distribution, Abundance and Change will present:

  • 556 full species accounts,

  • 69 species treated in the appendix,

  • 689 50-km maps showing abundance or breeding evidence,

  • 222 10-km modelled maps,

  • 446 change maps,

  • 556 illustrations of species by 46 artists,

  • the species texts written by 348 authors.

The book will be published by the Lynx Edicions and will be launched on December 3, 2020, in Barcelona. Due to the pandemic we will organise an on-line launch event, details will be announced later.

We are also happy to announce that Lynx Edicions has now opened the sale of the book. Thanks to the financial input from the project it has been possible to fix a very attractive price.  The pre-publication price of 70 Euro (plus shipping costs) is valid until 30 November 2020.  Later on, the price will be 90 Euro.


 The EBBA2 book can now be ordered from the Lynx Edicions website.


After ten years of the effort, we are getting close to the final product. We believe it will be used for further research and conservation at least at a similar scale as the first atlas was. Many thanks to everybody who made it possible to happen!


The Ortolan Bunting on the title page of the EBBA2 was painted by Szabolcs Kókay.