EBCC invites you to the launch of the European Breeding Bird Atlas 2

EBBA2 Workshop (10:00-14:00 CET)

Watch live here: https://youtu.be/Al9_LzJxhQ0

See the Agenda of the workshop

This workshop will be streamed live through the EBCC YouTube channel. The event will include presentations and discussions. Talks will be given by the EBBA2 coordination team, users of the data for research, national coordinators, researchers, and representatives of policy circles.

You will learn about achievements in EBBA2, results and their interpretation and use, experience from selected countries incl. speed presentations by national coordinators. We will also present our vision beyond EBBA2 and atlases.

The first set of talks:

  • The story of European Breeding Bird Atlas 2, by Verena Keller

  • Patterns of bird distribution and abundance in Europe, by Sergi Herrando

  • Distribution, abundance and change in selected species,  by Petr Voříšek

  • Use of EBBA2 results for policy, by Maria Luisa Paracchini

  • Use of EBBA2 data in research, by Aleksi Lehikoinen

A discussion session:

Interpreting and using EBBA2 results, in which Verena Keller, Sergi Herrando and Petr Voříšek will be available for questions.


The second set of talks:

  • EBBA2 and national atlases – the three most recent atlases in Europe:

    • European Russia Bird Atlas: done, by Mikhail Kalyakin

    • Ukrainian contribution to EBBA2: challenges and lessons, by Tatiana Kuzmenko

    • Selected experiences from the 3rd Danish breeding bird atlas (2014-17), by Thomas Vikstrøm

  • Beyond EBBA2: from atlas to monitoring, by Alena Klvaňová

Speed talks:

  • Making EBBA2 happen –the national perspective – feedback from the countries contributing to EBBA2: a series of short talks by national coordinators of atlas work. The titles and speakers will be announced on the detailed agenda.


Official book launch (16:00-17:30 CET)

Watch live here https://youtu.be/lme2TBqoIEw

We will introduce and celebrate the book from Barcelona, Sempach, and Prague, the three localities from which EBBA2 has been coordinated. The event streamed live through the EBCC YouTube channel, will be moderated by Carles Carboneras and will include live interviews with the members of the coordination team and selected national coordinators. We will also hear from the main supporters (MAVA Foundation), partners (BirdLife International), policy (European Commission), and the publisher (Lynx Edicions).