Compilation on breeding bird atlases of Latvia has been published

Latvian Ornithological Society (BirdLife partner in Latvia) has published a book “Latvian Breeding Bird Atlases 1980-2017. Abundance, distribution and population trends of birds”.

Until now data for two national (1980-1984; 2000-2004) and two European breeding bird atlases (1985-1989; 2013-2017) have been collected in Latvia but only the results of the first one had been published (in 1989). In the new book, the results of all four projects have been compiled. Therefore, the changes in the distribution of 223 bird species from 1980 until 2017 have been documented. The general population trends are also included with precise population indices provided for the species for which monitoring data are available. Furthermore, the national threat status of the breeding bird species has been evaluated according to the IUCN criteria.


Examples of success stories during this period include Great White Egret, White-tailed Sea-eagle, Common Crane and Middle Spotted Woodpecker, while European Roller, Northern Goshawk, House Sparrow and Western Yellow Wagtail are among the species showing significant declines in distribution.

Many individuals, companies and institutions have supported the publication, notably BirdLife Sverige, Vogelbescherming Nederland, Nature Conservation Agency and Latvian Environmental Protection Fund.

Though the book is mainly in Latvian it contains extensive English summaries of all main parts.

The book is available in the NHBS bookstore.

Viesturs Kerus; Andris Dekants, Ainārs Auniņš