Filling EBBA2 Gaps – Join our new challenge

Help us fill the gaps in EBBA2 - join our challenge!

Help us fill the gaps in EBBA2 – join our challenge!

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Join EBBA2 fieldwork – help us fill the gaps and enjoy our new challenge!

You love to go observe birds in new places, are familiar with the atlas data collection, are just now planning your next holiday destination and like challenges? Why not join our new challenge – “Filling EBBA2 gaps” .


There are many areas in Europe where human capacity for data collection in the field is limited and would benefit from contributions by foreign birdwatchers. The breeding season which is in front of us (2017) is the last one to collect data for EBBA2, so the time is quickly running out.


“Filling EBBA2 gaps” is a fieldwork challenge we created – by following the instructions below, you can easily become a part of it and enter into the competition for the prizes we secured for you! Fancy a new binocular or a surprise gift from one of the countries that need help in data collection? Do not hesitate to apply!

Check the challenge requirements in the sections below:

Data submission


1. Look at our GAP tool and think where you want to go – choose among squares that are marked with green colour which are our high priority squares for atlas fieldwork in 2017.

2. In the case that someone is also interested and has applied for the same square as you, you will be notified about it so that the fieldwork efforts can be maximised through your mutual arrangement. However, squares are not exclusive and more people can go to the same square, but it might help you in your planning.

3. You can apply only for a foreign country, not your home country.

4. You can choose to apply as an individual if you will be collecting and submitting the fieldwork data alone, or as a team if you will be collecting it with other people. Each application (team or individual) enters the prize competition as a single unit. However, note that the same data for a particular square cannot be sent by different persons, therefore choose your application wisely.

5. Fill in our application form with all the necessary fields.

6. After your application, you may be contacted by a member of the EBBA2 coordination team and in some cases also by the national coordinator of the country where you wish to go.


Requirements of the challenge

1. The data should ideally be collected during the period from the beginning of May till the end of June 2017 (surveys in April or July could be accepted depending on the region).

2. For one 50×50 km square you need to do a minimum of 2 timed surveys (lasting from minimum 60 to 120 minutes, might be specified exactly according to the requirements of individual country methodology). Check the EBBA2 methodology here.

3. Besides the timed surveys, a minimum of extra 20 hours should be spent in the field (per 50×50 km square) searching for and recording all bird species and their highest atlas breeding codes. Check the EBBA2 methodology here.

4. Square is considered to be complete once the data are submitted and subsequently checked either by the national coordinator or the EBBA2 coordination team. The deadline for data submitting is end of July 2017.

5. The challenge is considered complete after each applied individual or team submits the data in the corresponding excel tables below, which will subsequently be checked by either national coordinator or EBBA2 coordination team. The deadline for data checking is September 2017.

6. In the case national coordinators provide their own detailed methodology and field forms, you may be contacted and provided with their country-specific requirements (will depend on each individual country).


Data submission

1. Timed surveys should be submitted following this excel sheet.

2. All other records outside timed surveys with bird species and their highest atlas breeding codes should be submitted following this excel sheet.

3. In the case you are contacted by a national coordinator and decide to follow their detailed national methodology, there might be a slightly different form that the national coordinator will provide to you.

4. Please submit your excel files to the following e-mail address:, and copy it to the corresponding national atlas coordinator as well.

5. If you wish, you can also record a video, or write an article with photos about your experience in collecting atlas data in a foreign country for our web! In this case please contact


We have managed to secure three Meopta binoculars (one MeoStar B1 10×42 HD and two MeoPro 10×42 HD) that can be yours after fulfilling the challenge! Each person/team that fulfils the challenge requirements for one 50×50 km square (meaning the data are submitted and subsequently checked), enters in a lottery drawing competition for one of the binoculars! The winners will be picked through a lottery drawing video which will subsequently be posted on our web and social media.
However, bear in mind that there are also many small surprise prizes mostly originating from the countries which need help in mapping, so you may also be lucky to receive another prize!

We look forward to your contributions!