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News from the European Breeding Bird Atlas

Ten years ago the EBCC Board agreed to publish the second European Breeding Bird Atlas by the end of 2020. Everything suggests that this deadline will be achieved. All materials were delivered to the Lynx Edicions, proofs are expected during forthcoming summer months. The title page has been finalised, and promotion will start soon via the web pages of the publisher.

The Ortolan bunting for the EBBA2 cover was painted by Szábolcs Kókay

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EBBA2 Illustrators

The illustrators that have decided to support EBBA2 by providing bird illustrations:

José Acosta, Spain

Paulo Alves, Portugal

Niels Peter Andreasen, Denmark

Ute Bartels, Germany

Tora Benzeyen, Turkey

Bálint Bombay, Hungary

Marco Bonifacino, Italy

Marcus Burkhardt, Germany

Tomasz Cofta, Poland

Jaime de la Torre Naharro, Spain

Nick Derry, France/UK

Adam Dmoch, Poland

Paschalis Dougalis, Germany/Greece

Martí Franch, Spain

Francisco José Hernández, Spain

Diana Höhlig, Germany

Jan Hošek, Czech Republic

Jean Chevallier, France

Hans Christoph Kappel, Germany

David Khaydarov, Russia

Dawid Kilon , Poland

Alena Klvaňová, Czech republic

Eugeny Koblik, Russia

Szabolcs Kókay, Hungary

Juho Könönen, Finland

Jacques Laesser, Switzerland

Corinna Langebrake, Germany

Javier Lazaro Tapia, Spain

Wolfgang Lissak, Germany

Toni Llobet, Spain

Reno Lottmann, Germany

Sorrel Lyall, UK

Álex Mascarell, Spain

Ron Meier, Germany

Martina Nacházelová, Czech Republic

Lisa Pannek, Germany

Pavel Procházka, Czech Republic

Paola Ricceri, Switzerland

Bruna Roqué, Spain

Vadim Ryabitsev, Russia

Christopher Schmidt, Germany

Lluís Sogorb, Spain

Axel Emil Thorenfeldt, Norway (Author wishes to thank to Mr. Otgonbayar Baatargal for providing the photo of Siberian Tit)

Robert Vaughan, Ireland

Laurent Willenegger, Switzerland

Dan Zetterström, Sweden