Arctic region – high mountain tundra in Lapland, Sweden. Photo by Åke Lindström

National coordinators, data providers and other key supporters

National coordinators: Fredrik Haas1, Åke Lindström1, Martin Green1, Johan Nilsson2, Mikael Svensson2

Active national coordinators: Fredrik Haas, e-mail: fredrik.haas@biol.lu.se, Åke Lindström, e-mail: Ake.Lindstrom@biol.lu.se, Martin Green, e-mail: martin.green@biol.lu.se

1Lund University, Department of Biology, 2Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, The Swedish Species Information Centre

Other key supporters: M.O.G. Eriksson, P. Hellström, U. Lötberg, R. Ottvall

Data sources and fieldwork years for EBBA2

The information is given in the table.