Photo by Peter Knuas

National coordinators, data providers and other key supporters

National coordinators: Peter Knaus1, e-mail: peter.knaus@vogelwarte.ch, Hans Schmid1, e-mail: hans.schmid@vogelwarte.ch

Main data provider: Samuel Wechsler1

1Swiss Ornithological Institute

Data sources and fieldwork years for EBBA2

The information is given in the table.

National data sources contributing to EBBA2

The data for EBBA2 were extracted from the data collected during the Swiss national breeding bird atlas 2013–2016, supplemented by a few casual observations from 2017. In addition, data from the Swiss Common Breeding Bird Monitoring scheme were provided for the standardised surveys used for distribution modelling. 

National atlas contributing to EBBA2

Knaus, Peter & Antoniazza, Sylvain & Wechsler, Samuel & Guélat, Jérôme & Kéry, Marc & Strebel, Nicolas & Sattler, Thomas. (2018). Schweizer Brutvogelatlas 2013–2016. Verbreitung und Bestandsentwicklung der Vögel in der Schweiz und im Fürstentum Liechtenstein.



Fieldworkers and other supporters

Around 2000 observers contributed to the national atlas.

We thank the Swiss federal government for supporting the atlas and monitoring projects. We also thank the many private donors for their support.