United Kingdom

National coordinators, data providers and other key supporters

National coordinators: Dawn E. Balmer1, Simon Gillings1, David G. Noble1, Justin R. Walker1

Active national coordinators:Dawn E. Balmer, e-mail: dawn.balmer@bto.org, Simon Gillings, e-mail: simon.gillings@bto.org

Main data providers: Sarah Harris1, Scott Mayson1, Dave Leech1, Carl Barimore1, Ian D. Woodward1, Mark Holling2, William George3

1British Trust for Ornithology, 2Rare Breeding Birds Panel, 3Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Other key supporters: P. Allard, K. Betton, N. Bielby, S. Blain, C. Brown, M. Cade, P. Castle, G. Catley, J. Clark, M. Cook, T. Davis, R. Dickey, M. Eaton, I. Francis, M. Hammond, B. Johnston, K. Jones, G. Kirk, S. McAvoy, N. Moran, M. Morrison, R. Morton, R. Murray, G. Oliver, A. Paintin, M. Pennington, C. Reynolds, I. Spence, S. White, D. Wood, K. Wright

Data sources and fieldwork years for EBBA2

The information is given in the table.