Data contributions to EBBA2

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We are currently preparing and analysing all received data from European countries which will be available in a book publication in 2020, and later on in electronic form.  You can find out more about the preliminary results and amount of data submitted in our Results section. 


Please note that the period of data collection for EBBA2 is closed.  

Data contributions for each European country were provided by national coordinator(s) responsible for data compilation and management on national level. Within each country national coordinators have been organising and managing numerous volunteers, both local and foreign, in order to collect the data for EBBA2 from 2013 till 2017. Some countries have been in parallel collecting the data for their own national atlases, and you can have an overview of all national atlases, including the ones that are still on-going, here.  We wish to thank all data providers and volunteers in the field that have provided us with the data on breeding bird distribution from across all of Europe!


The knowledge on breeding birds and human capacity varies greatly across Europe, with much higher numbers of people mapping birds in Western Europe compared to Southern and Eastern Europe. Therefore, we especially focused on these target countries during EBBA2 data collection period, and have supported 23 countries in this period in order to increase their human and financial capacity with the generous contribution from MAVA foundation.


Modern technologies have also helped foreign birdwatchers to contribute their data for EBBA2 both through national platforms and through on-line portals (platforms Birdtrack,, NaturaList/ornitho and ebird). Data were provided to international platforms for 1570 squares within 23 countries in Southern and Eastern Europe, corresponding to an increase in geographical coverage of 22% compared to 2016 and 81% compared to 2014.