EBBA2 Species Sponsorship

The Species Sponsorship Scheme has raised over 100 000 Euro. We thank all sponsors for their contribution. The sponsorship scheme is still open. It will finance the free copies to national coordinators and help to lower the retail price of the book, which will make the book easily available in less wealthy countries in Europe.

Please note: Acknowledgements of Super Sponsors (minimum 5000 Euro) in the book will be possible only until the end of August 2020.

Help us make EBBA2 happen – simply choose your favourite species and donate!

Through the donations collected within the species sponsorship we want to achieve:
• run the data analysis on collected field data
• promote the EBBA2 outputs (results and maps) at the new atlas website and in the atlas book
• cover part of the running costs of the project

Sponsoring a species is very simple and can be made in three steps:
1.    Choose a species in a photogallery below
2.    Fill in the sponsorship form
3.    Make a donation via card payment

Donation from You brings a valuable support for our long-term and hard work on collecting, analysing and presenting the data on bird distribution and abundance in Europe. Thank you!

The list of all public supporters of EBBA2 species sponsorship is available here.

Find out more about benefits of different EBBA2 species sponsorship types.

Our privacy policy is available here.

For any inquiries please contact us at ebba2sponsorship@birdlife.cz