What is EBBA2 steering comittee

steering comittee verena

The EBBA2 Steering Committee is a  coordination body which rose from the EBCC network and at the beginning of the EBBA2 project in 2011 had a crucial role in the project description, setting the main objectives and fixing a provisional timetable. It also set up a network of national coordinators.

In 2012 the EBBA2 steering committee initiated the formation of the EBBA2 coordination team.

The EBBA2 steering committee leads the project at the strategic level. It consists of members and former members and observers of the EBCC board.

The committee consists of the following members:

Verena Keller (Chair)
Ruud Foppen
David Noble
Hans-Günther Bauer
Lluís Brotons
Mark Eaton
Iván Ramírez
Mikhail Kalyakin
Aleksi Lehikoinen